martes, 29 de enero de 2013

KAICIID - Commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Collaboration Agreements between Spain and the religious faiths (FEREDE, FCJE and CIE)

Collaboration Agreements between the Spanish State and the Evangelical, Jewish and Muslim faiths

The Agreements have been signed in April 1992 between the Ministry of Justice (representing the Spanish State) and the representatives of the Evangelical, Jewish and Muslim federations (representing the three main faiths in Spain).
The main characteristic of the cooperation Agreements is to facilitate to the State the understanding of the unique requirements of each religion’s consciousness allowing a fuller exercising of the right to religious freedom of its believers. The contents of all three Agreements follow the same scheme, one that is similar to the agreements signed with the Holy See. Specifically, they contemplate issues such as the recognition of places of worship, the legal framework concerning religious ministers (definition, ministerial secret, training or inclusion in the Social Security general regime); recognition of civil effects of religious marriage, the right to religious assistance, the right to religious education, tax issues, the use of Halal or Kosher certification and the conditions of religious slaughter; or the celebration of particular festivities.

January 31st, 2013 (Madrid)

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