martes, 29 de enero de 2013

KAICIID - Board of Directors Meeting in Madrid (February 1st and 2nd, 2013)

Board of Directors Meeting in Madrid, February 2013

This is the first Board of Directors Meeting after the official inauguration of KAICIID in November 2012. This meeting takes place in Madrid where the Secretary General has the great opportunity to present KAICIID at the conference of the Spain Government on the occasion of 20 years Cooperation Agreements between the Spanish State and the Evangelical, Jewish and Muslim faiths.
The main focus of the Board of Directors Meeting concentrates on the three first KAICIID programmes:
  • the “Children Well-being” programme, a major capacity-building initiative, in partnership with Religions for Peace, aimed at empowering religious leaders, congregations, faith-based institutions and individuals across diverse faith traditions to promote the survival and wellbeing of children in several priority countries;
  • the “Image of the Other” programme, a series of Conferences with themes including Education, Media and the Internet, aimed at exploring ways to improve perceptions of the Other; and
  • the “Fellowship Programme” for future teachers of religion and future religious leaders with a deep commitment to interreligious or intercultural dialogue.

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